• Room Mode: Practice/Qualifyier/Race (Practice/Qualifyier/Endurance Race í þolkeppnum)

  • Room Privacy: Friends Only

  • Race Type: Race for Real

  • Fixed Room Ownership: Yes

  • Max. Number og Participants: 16

  • Minimum Driver Rating: --

  • Minimum Sportmanship Rating: --

  • Start Type: Rolling Start í Gr.3/Gr.1, Grid Start With False Start Check í Gr.2, Super Formula og one-make

  • Grid Order: Fastest First

  • Boost: Off

  • Slipstream Strenght: Real

  • Visible Damage: On

  • Mechanical Damage: Heavy

  • Tyre Wear: 5x

  • Fuel Depletion: 2x

  • Initial Fuel: Default

  • Grip Red. on Wet Track/Track Edge: Real

  • Race Finish Delay: 180 sec

  • Overtaking System Usage Time Multiplier: Default (þessi stilling á bara við um Super Formula bílana)

  • Qualifier: Time Limit: 15 minutes (verða lengri í þolaksturskeppnum)

  • QF Continuation Time: Fer eftir braut, miðað við að geta klárað hring.

  • QF Fuel Deplation / Tyre Wear: Sama og í keppni

  • Balance of Performance: On (Off í Super Formula keppnum)

  • Dekk: Racing Medium í Super Formula / Racing Hard í Gr.1/Gr.2/Gr.3/One Make

  • Livery Restrictions: No Limit

  • Car Number Type: No Limit

  • Tuning: Prohibited

  • Ghosting During Race: None

  • Shortcut Penalty: Strong

  • Wall Collision Penalty: None

  • Side Contact Penalty: Off

  • Correct Vehicle Course After Wall Collision: Off

  • Replace Cars When they Leave the Track: Off

  • Flag Rules: On

  • Ghost Lapped Cars: Off

  • Countersteering Assistance: Prohibited

  • Active Stability Management (ASM): Prohibited

  • Driving Line Assist: Prohibited

  • Traction Control: No Limit

  • ABS: No Limit

  • Auto-Drive: Prohibited

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